Terminator Genisys

6 Stars (6 / 10)

Lets consolidate it as a fitting tribute to Arnold as Terminator and leave it at that!

It’s extremely loud and with annoying 3D effects, try catching it on a regular screen. After watching this movie, regular fans would call it a summary of everything before with a happy ending. By all means, I personally liked Terminator Salvation more than this, it had attitude and freshness to the tale.

Emilia Clarke is better of on small screen as Khaleesi, minimal expressions and flying dragons once in a while. May be she needs to get more mainstream and then slowly turn better at this, makes me think of her as Tomb Raider for her next action flick. Arnold holds the key to success of this at the box office, given everyone liked his ‘Bite Me’ intentional comedy.

If you have not watched the second trailer yet, that’s a blessing, do not watch it. Simply head to theatres.

Opinion: #TerminatorGenisys

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