Father, Thief, Team Player & Ant-Man Not exactly a cinematic Marvel, but definitely one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe best. Michael Douglas shows why veterans make big difference in transitioning heavy plots and bring great dialogue. Paul Rudd picks a character that he fits right into, Evangeline Lilly resembles as a glaring reflection of Scarlett… Continue reading>


Best Friend.Hero.Marine for a 4th of July weekend gift There is a reason people connect with dogs, Max simply amplifies it, with fury and loyalty in it's eyes. Most of the time, emotions run high for those who happened to have any pet be it a dog, cat or a bird. Lead needs more refinement… Continue reading>

Terminator Genisys

Lets consolidate it as a fitting tribute to Arnold as Terminator and leave it at that! It's extremely loud and with annoying 3D effects, try catching it on a regular screen. After watching this movie, regular fans would call it a summary of everything before with a happy ending. By all means, I personally liked… Continue reading>

Inside Out

It's all in the trailer; and yet you will have your emotions Inside Out! Pixar picks a storyline very familiar, may be an inspired one even. If you have not seen the original it is as good as new. Concept is simple, that makes the visuals to use the liberty of the expanded scope. It's… Continue reading>


Laugh riot, if only you understand the references! Jason Statham single handedly will give you laughing nightmares, remember not to munch pop-corn or drink stuff when he is on the screen - you will choke to death laughing. I was a bit sceptical about watching this considering a female led spy spoof, given there will… Continue reading>

Jurassic World

Jurassic world, this summer's family entertainer! Simply put this one has a lot of teeth but does not bite, it rather slowly grinds and chews like a herbivorous mammal. Totally safe for kids to watch, given they watch just about anything these days. For the next decade or more Chris Pratt will be a household… Continue reading>

San Andreas

Its The Rock Solid performance among a falling city! There is no hope, no emotion & absolutely no larger than life apocalyptic biblical stuff. Starts with Rock wanting to take a holiday from work after saving a girl from a cliff and ends with him saving his family standing over cliff and walking into sunset.… Continue reading>


Routine story, usual creeps and video game like visuals! With a lot of kids movies around, one would crave for a horror movie and this just fills that void. Sam Rockwell adds one more to his list of roles, just about enough for this movie. Kyle Catlett is to watch out for with his good… Continue reading>


Tomorrow packed in a fun and thought provoking manner! Wholesome entertainer, very well balanced movie in all departments.Summer Blockbuster with heavy competition around might be a far thought. But the tomorrow Brad bird presented is not just spectacular visuals, its more thought provoking than any recent Sci-fi editions. George Clooney leads the way with right… Continue reading>

Big Game

Another summer flick for kids, better watched at home! What you could expect from a movie such as this, is it worth watching in cinemas or is it good enough to subscribe and watch at home through directTV. Later is the way to go. Gather around your kids & their friends for a movie day… Continue reading>