7 Stars (7 / 10)

Father, Thief, Team Player & Ant-Man

Not exactly a cinematic Marvel, but definitely one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe best.

Michael Douglas shows why veterans make big difference in transitioning heavy plots and bring great dialogue. Paul Rudd picks a character that he fits right into, Evangeline Lilly resembles as a glaring reflection of Scarlett Johansson from Iron-Man 2 but in a slightly extended role. Corey Stoll is great actor we have seen it in The Strain, during his one on ones with Douglas his skill shows in plenty. Anthony Mackie for me is next DowneyJr/Iron-Man combo he simply owns it. Michael Peña and his team are so genuine you will laugh till it hurts, I would like to see more of this from Marvel. I suppose only Deadpool has that kind of humour left to show up next.

Peyton Reed to fill in shoes & get the mud off them, seemed like an uphill task. With this end result we could only admire his work. Editing seems too hurried, could have extended the movie by 10 minutes or so, just to avoid too many jumps between scenes.

If there is anyone who know their trade well, it has to be Marvel. It is satisfying and yet teases your appetite for that extra bit of serving. Movie ends with marvel regular feat an al-right mid credit scene then that major post credit scene which sets perfectly for civil war.

You are any-ways going to watch it, for 3D movie goers keep blinking eyes frequently that shrinking and expanding could hurt eyes a little.

Opinion: #AntMan

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